March 14th, 2019

Thursday of Invocavit (Lent 1)

First Reading: Gen. 11:27-12:20

 27Now these are the records of the generations of Terah. Terah became the father of Abram, Nahor and Haran; and (A)Haran became the father of (B)Lot.

 28Haran died in the presence of his father Terah in the land of his birth, in (C)Ur of the Chaldeans.

 29Abram and (D)Nahor took wives for themselves The name of Abram's wife was (E)Sarai; and the name of Nahor's wife was (F)Milcah, the daughter of Haran, the father of Milcah and Iscah.

 30(G)Sarai was barren; she had no child.

 31Terah took Abram his son, and Lot the son of Haran, his grandson, and Sarai his daughter-in-law, his son Abram's wife; and they went out together from (H)Ur of the Chaldeans in order to enter the land of Canaan; and they went as far as Haran, and settled there.

 32The days of Terah were two hundred and five years; and Terah died in Haran.

Abram Journeys to Egypt
 1Now (I)the LORD said to Abram,
         "Go forth from your country,
         And from your relatives
         And from your father's house,
         To the land which I will show you;
    2And (J)I will make you a great nation,
         And (K)I will bless you,
         And make your name great;
         And so (L)you shall be a blessing;
    3And (M)I will bless those who bless you,
         And the one who curses you I will curse
         (N)And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed."

 4So Abram went forth as the LORD had spoken to him; and (O)Lot went with him. Now Abram was seventy-five years old when he departed from Haran.

 5Abram took Sarai his wife and Lot his nephew, and all their (P)possessions which they had accumulated, and (Q)the persons which they had acquired in Haran, and they set out for the land of Canaan; (R)thus they came to the land of Canaan.

 6Abram passed through the land as far as the site of (S)Shechem, to the oak of Moreh. Now the Canaanite was then in the land.

 7The LORD (T)appeared to Abram and said, "(U)To your descendants I will give this land " So he built (V)an altar there to the LORD who had appeared to him.

 8Then he proceeded from there to the mountain on the east of Bethel, and pitched his tent, with (W)Bethel on the west and Ai on the east; and there he built an altar to the LORD and (X)called upon the name of the LORD.

 9Abram journeyed on, continuing toward (Y)the [a]Negev.

 10Now there was (Z)a famine in the land; so Abram went down to Egypt to sojourn there, for the famine was (AA)severe in the land.

 11It came about when he came near to Egypt, that he said to Sarai his wife, "See now, I know that you are a (AB)beautiful woman;

 12(AC)and when the Egyptians see you, they will say, 'This is his wife'; and they will kill me, but they will let you live.

 13"Please say that you are (AD)my sister so that it may go well with me because of you, and that (AE)I may live on account of you."

 14It came about when Abram came into Egypt, the Egyptians saw that the woman was very beautiful.

 15Pharaoh's officials saw her and praised her to Pharaoh; and (AF)the woman was taken into Pharaoh's house.

 16Therefore (AG)he treated Abram well for her sake; and (AH)gave him sheep and oxen and donkeys and male and female servants and female donkeys and camels.

 17But the LORD (AI)struck Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarai, Abram's wife.

 18Then Pharaoh called Abram and said, "(AJ)What is this you have done to me? Why did you not tell me that she was your wife?

 19"Why did you say, 'She is my sister,' so that I took her for my wife? Now then, here is your wife, take her and go."

 20Pharaoh commanded his men concerning him; and they escorted him away, with his wife and all that belonged to him.

Footnotes:Genesis 12:9 I.e. South country
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Second Reading: Mk. 4:21-41

 21And He was saying to them, "(A)A lamp is not brought to be put under a basket, is it, or under a bed? Is it not brought to be put on the lampstand?

 22"(B)For nothing is hidden, except to be revealed; nor has anything been secret, but that it would come to light.

 23"(C)If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear."

 24And He was saying to them, "Take care what you listen to. (D)By your standard of measure it will be measured to you; and more will be given you besides.

 25"(E)For whoever has, to him more shall be given; and whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away from him."

Parable of the Seed
 26And He was saying, "The kingdom of God is like a man who casts seed upon the soil;

 27and he goes to bed at night and gets up by day, and the seed sprouts and grows--how, he himself does not know.

 28"The soil produces crops by itself; first the blade, then the head, then the mature grain in the head.

 29"But when the crop permits, he immediately (F)puts in the sickle, because the harvest has come."

Parable of the Mustard Seed
 30(G)And He said, "How shall we [a](H)picture the kingdom of God, or by what parable shall we present it?

 31"It is like a mustard seed, which, when sown upon the soil, though it is smaller than all the seeds that are upon the soil,

 32yet when it is sown, it grows up and becomes larger than all the garden plants and forms large branches; so that (I)THE BIRDS OF THE [b]AIR can NEST UNDER ITS SHADE."

 33With many such parables He was speaking the word to them, so far as they were able to hear it;

 34and He did not speak to them (J)without a parable; but He was (K)explaining everything privately to His own disciples.

Jesus Stills the Sea
 35(L)On that day, when evening came, He said to them, "Let us go over to the other side."

 36Leaving the crowd, they took Him along with them (M)in the boat, just as He was; and other boats were with Him.

 37And there arose a fierce gale of wind, and the waves were breaking over the boat so much that the boat was already filling up.

 38Jesus Himself was in the stern, asleep on the cushion; and they woke Him and said to Him, "Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?"

 39And He got up and (N)rebuked the wind and said to the sea, "Hush, be still." And the wind died down and it became perfectly calm.

 40And He said to them, "Why are you afraid? (O)Do you still have no faith?"

 41They became very much afraid and said to one another, "Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?"

Footnotes:Mark 4:30 Lit compare Mark 4:32 Or sky
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